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Bath Bomb Bakery

Welcome to the Bath Bomb Bakery.  Here you will find a large variety of bath bomb magic to suit your needs, if you are after a bath bomb wow we have that covered, if you want a bath bomb that is relaxing and gives you that spa vibe we too do that.

Everyone know about Lush and their very famous bath bombs, we are not Lush but what we are is very good at giving you a great bath experience. If you are escaping the daily stress of life then you need our bath treats.

What's the best thing about our bath bombs compared to the big retailers, all of our Bath Bombs are handmade using the best quality ingredients and have a lot of love and attention poured into each one.

Calorie free!!! yes that is right although they look and smell good enough to eat they are sure not to increase your body size!

Our bath bombs are safe and recommended for use for all skin types, all of our bath bombs contain milk powders and oatmeal to soothe and nourish the skin.  We do not use the common irritants such as SLS as found in a lot of reputable bath products currently on the market.

Donuts! we pride ourselves on the designs of these beauties, every detail has been thought of.  We wouldn't be able to have a bath bomb bakery if our products did not look the part.

So we have established that they look and smell amazing lets talk about how they perform.  Bath Art is what we strive for, we want to give you that wow experience and use hidden colours in the bath bombs to achieve that.  What colours will come out in the tub well you have to try one to see.

Use our kids petite bath balls as a learning tool, teach all of the colours of the rainbow and in between with this range. Your kids will love these and with names like Monkey Farts bath time will be an enjoyable experience.

So come on in and let us colour your world with our vibrant, foaming, awesome bath treats that are sure to amaze.

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